Municipal Court

About Us

The Albertville Municipal Court has control over city ordinance violations, traffic violations administered by the Albertville Police Department and criminal misdemeanors only. The jurisdiction of the Albertville Municipal Court is limited to the city limits of Albertville and three miles outside the city limits, within police jurisdiction.

The Court’s purpose is to provide a fair, impartial and efficient court system for municipal charges. Municipal court responsibilities include:

  • Collections and remittance of all fines, forfeitures, court cost and restitution
  • Issuance of subpoenas, warrants and certified copies of court records
  • Maintain all court records to include final dispositions, sentencing and probation
  • Management of all pending criminal cases

Court Schedule

Albertville Municipal Court is held every Tuesday. Plea days are on the first, third, and fifth Tuesdays of every month. Plea days begin with non-traffic offenses at 9 am. Traffic offenses begin at 1 pm the same day. Plea days are for the defendant to plead guilty or not guilty for the offense with which they were charged. The second and fourth Tuesdays are reserved for trial dates and begin at 1 pm.

Magistrate’s Office

The Magistrate’s office is closed on Tuesdays, weekends, and the City of Albertville holidays. In the event of an emergency, the Police Department may contact a magistrate for immediate assistance.