Payment of Fines


Traffic Violation Fines may be paid in person or mailed to:
116 Sand Mountain Drive SW
Albertville, AL 35950

Cash, money order, cashiers check, debit cards, and credit cards are accepted forms of payment. There is a $5 assessment fee charged for debit and credit card payments. You can also pay online.

Please note: If a citation is paid prior to court appearance, a guilty plea is automatically entered. All drug related offenses are required to appear in court.


The Schedule of Fines for Traffic Offenses (PDF) lists the amount due prior to court appearance. However, court costs still apply based on the nature of the offense so add for $159 for traffic violations and $209 for drivers license violations to the fine listed.

Driver’s License Violation Fines:

  • Operating a motorcycle without a proper endorsement: $10
  • Operating a vehicle without a Drivers License: $25
  • Operating a vehicle without license in possession $25
  • Violating Driver’s License restriction or endorsement: $10

Defensive Driving Course

The defensive driving course is offered to anyone that has received a minor traffic citation (PDF). The advantage of attending a defensive driving course is to prevent points going on your driving record. Exception: Anyone possessing a commercial drivers license (CDL) is prohibited from attending this course.

License Suspensions

Conviction of certain charges may result in suspended drivers license privileges. These convictions may include DUI, Possession of Marijuana and Minor in Possession of Alcohol. In addition, if a defendant fails to appear in court on a traffic citation, the Judge will issue an alias warrant for his arrest and the drivers license is suspended at that time. 

To have the drivers license reinstated, the ticket has to be adjudicated and Municipal Court will issue a 6B clearance letter. The defendant must then go the Department of Public Safety office in Huntsville, Jacksonville or Montgomery to pay a reinstatement fee before the license is valid. For additional information regarding the license suspensions or to determine the reason for the suspension, contact the Department of Public Safety at 334-242-4223.